Thursday, July 22, 2010

oy vay. i love texting people who actually text me back. like REAL convos, not just one word replies like "ok" and "yeah" ..i've given up on the those people, otherwise known as "the borings." the real gems are people with a little more personailty-a little more PIZAZZ!! they're rare, but they're out there.
have you ever had that feeling where not everything is going good, or as planned, but you suddenly realize that you have tons of things to look forward to? and that feeling just swells up inside you until you smile? Yeah, that just happened to me. like...i consider the rest of my life stretching out before me, and all the little daily worries that i have seem so short-term and entirely UNimportant. seriously.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

its 2am(pay no attention to when it says i posted this because that is screwed up)
i want to be sleeping, but of course my brain refuses to shut down.
ARGHHH whyy???
anyways, i decided to do a little research. and apparently there are certain techniques, per say, that are supposed to help you sleep better or feel more rested, yada yada yada. so im thinking, so now there are specific ways i need to sleep? wonderful. just marvelous.
but, alas, i was wrong! there are "secrets" to getting a good night's beauty sleep. like wearing socks. yeah ok, let me wear socks to bed and i will see how much i notice it while i'm sleeping.

wait a second, maybe thats the point.
yeah so this is my first official post.(blah blah blah iknow i said i would never get a blog...but it was just too tempting. i mean..anonymous posts crammed full of all my nonsensical everyday thoughts? i think yes.) but really with all these blogs out there on the big bad world wide web-or BBWWW- there's about a one in a bajillion chance that mine will get read. pssh but im making one anyways. read it if you dare.
really. idare you.
no scratch that. i double dog dare you. HA now you have to!

catch ya later,
yikes! little miss(: